No-deal Brexit: What happens to British tourists? Watch Lingohack

No-deal Brexit: What happens to British tourists? Watch Lingohack สาธารณะ

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Both the UK and the EU are stepping up their preparations for no deal Brexit, as both sides have failed to agree on the terms of Britains departure. EU membership has meant easy, visa-free travel to other member states for Britains tourists - but if it leaves with no formal agreement about a future relationship in place, that could be about to change. This report is from Italys Amalfi coast.

The story…
No-deal Brexit and British tourists

Learn language related to…
Decisions and effects

Need-to-know language:

complicated – difficult to understand or deal with
put (someone) off – make someone lose interest or enthusiasm
implications – possible effects or results of an action
hard facts – information which is definitely true and cannot be denied
straightforward – easy to understand or deal with

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