Puppy dog eyes: Scientists explain - News Review

Puppy dog eyes: Scientists explain - News Review สาธารณะ

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The story
If a dog has eyes that seem to be telling you something or demanding your attention, it could be evolutions way of manipulating your feelings - because researchers have identified a muscle that allows dogs to create a puppy eyes expression that helps them bond with their human companions.

puppy dog eyes
facial expression which makes people develop a caring response
• I didnt want to give Rob a biscuit, but he made those puppy dog eyes and I just had to.
• In every boy band theres one member with puppy dog eyes who everyone loves.
(here) take control of a situation for your advantage
• Dan hijacked the Christmas party and took us axe throwing instead.
• My colleague hijacked a meeting about finance to complain about his pay.
tug at our hearts
cause us to feel strong affection or sympathy
• TV shows about family reunions tug at Catherines heart. She cant stop crying.
• School performances tug at the heartstrings. The parents get so emotional.

Language challenge

Young love that doesnt last is called…
a) doggy love
b) puppy love
c) mutt love

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