Learning English Podcast September 6, 2023

Learning English Podcast September 6, 2023 สาธารณะ

VOA Learning English

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Dan Novak and Ashley Thompson host todays Learning English show. They go first to Andrew Smith and Gena Bennett for a report about recent Afghan migrants to the US and the difficulties they face getting settled.

Then, Gina Bennett is back with a report about artists seeking protection of their works from use by artificial intelligence.

Next up is the LE Education Report. Dan Novak tells about Abbott Elementary, a popular American television show set in a school in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Afterward, LE teacher Jill Robbins joins Dan in the studio to chat more about the series.

Then its time for LEs Lesson of the Day. Ashley Thompson presents a report from John Reynolds about recent DNA findings on the famous mummy called Oetzi. Listen carefully for the word "insights," Ashley notes, as it is the subject of her lesson following the report.
You can read the stories in todays podcast here:
Afghans in US Face Difficulties

Artists Fight Back against AI Using Their Work

TV Show Explores Teaching at an Urban Public School

Researchers Learn More about Famous Mummys Ancestry


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