Learning English Podcast August 28, 2023

Learning English Podcast August 28, 2023 สาธารณะ

VOA Learning English

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On todays podcast, Ashley Thompson and Dan Novak host the show. Ashley tells listeners what they will hear. First, Caty Weaver has a story about official FDA approval of an RSV vaccine for pregnant women.  The drug company Pfizers study of the vaccine said it was effective in preventing severe cases of the viral infection. 
Then, Bryan Lynn has a report on new findings about clouds on Neptune. Scientists have found that the solar cycle influences the presence of clouds on Neptune and currently, Neptune appears to have lost almost all its clouds. Then, a discussion between Ashley and Bryan follows,  which adds extra details about the solar cycle. 
Then, Ashley and Caty tell about their journey and the people they met
on a trip down Route 66, a famous American road. 
Then, Ashley and Dan sign off.

US Drug Officials Approve RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Women
Study: Neptune’s Disappearing Clouds Linked to Solar Cycle

The People Along Route 66


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