Covid-19: The office after lockdown - 6 Minute English

Covid-19: The office after lockdown - 6 Minute English สาธารณะ

BBC Learning English

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The coronavirus outbreak is changing the workplace. As employees slowly return to work after lockdown, tech companies are busy finding ways for them return safely. Neil and Sam discuss new technology being tried in offices and teach you related vocabulary.

This weeks question
The thermal cameras I mentioned screen for coronavirus by recording skin temperature in the area of the body which most closely resembles the internal body temperature - but which area is that? Is it:
a) the eye
b) the ear
c) the nose
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

the new normal
previously unfamiliar situation that has become usual or normalised

technology that allows computers, mobile phones and other devices to communicate with each other without being connected by wires

something or someone being near to another thing or person

down the line
at some point in the future

for its own sake
done because it is interesting and enjoyable, not because it is necessary

evidential justification
reasons why something is the right thing to do, based on evidence

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