Learning English Podcast August 21, 2023

Learning English Podcast August 21, 2023 สาธารณะ

VOA Learning English

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On todays podcast, Ashley Thompson and Dan Novak introduce the program. Ashley tells listeners what they can expect to hear. 

Then Anna Mateo reports on how some Afghan girls and women are suffering mental health problems because they have been barred from school by the Taliban rulers. Then, Mario Ritter, Jr. reports on increasing pollution in Venezuelas Lake Maracaibo. On the science report, Bryan Lynn talks about how space scientists have discovered evidence that Mars has had both wet and dry periods, meaning that the planet might have supported conditions for life in the past. 
Then, Bryan discusses additional details about the scientific research with Ashley. A promotional message for Lets Learn English with Anna from Ashley follows.
Then Ashley and Caty Weaver tell about Zion National Park in the western state of Utah. Then Ashley and Dan sign off.

Art Helps Afghan Women Struggling with Depression
Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo Is Getting More Polluted
Study: Ancient Mars May Have Had Wet, Dry Periods
Risks and Rewards at Zion National Park

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