South Korea fires warning at Russian military aircraft in its airspace - News Review

South Korea fires warning at Russian military aircraft in its airspace - News Review สาธารณะ

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South Korean fires warning shots at Russian military aircraft that allegedly crossed into its airspace. South Korean jets fired hundreds of rounds and intercepted a Russian warplane over its eastern border.

The story
South Korea says it fired warning shots at a Russian military aircraft after it violated the countrys airspace off its east coast. An official alleged that the Russian plane breached South Korean airspace twice, prompting the air force to scramble fighter jets and open fire.

The official said it was the first time a Russian plane had violated South Korean airspace and the military was investigating.

Key words and phrases
warning shots
the firing of a weapon near someone to discourage certain behaviour

• As rioters charged, police officers fired warning shots over the head of the crowd.
• The staff email was a warning shot to management that staff were unhappy.

entering a place or situation you shouldnt

• Dan cant stand people intruding on his reading time when hes on the train.
• My neighbours dog wont stop barking. It intrudes on my sleep at night.

fails to respect a rule, privacy or place

• The younger sibling didnt take the bait when his older brother teased him.
• Despite his opponents insults, the politician didnt take the bait and stayed on topic.

Language challenge

When something breaks through a wall, barrier or defensive line, it _____ it:
a) breaches
b) trumples
c) undermines

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