Learning English Podcast September 7, 2023

Learning English Podcast September 7, 2023 สาธารณะ

VOA Learning English

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Dan Novak and Ashley Thompson host todays Learning English show. They go first to Dan Friedell for a world weather report. International experts say the northern part of the world is experiencing the hottest summer on record. 

Next, Gena Bennett has a story about Indias effort to prepare its capital, New Delhi, for a meeting of world leaders. The project including destroying thousands of homes and business in poor neighborhoods.

Then, it is time for the LE Science and Technology Report. Several Chinese companies have launched artificial intelligence chatbots to the public. Bryan Lynn reports. Afterward, Dan welcomes Bryan into the studio to talk about some of the vocabulary used in his report. 

Following that, we hear the LE program,  Lesson of the Day. Andrew Smith and Jill Robbins present a lesson about slow and fast speech based on the LE series Lets learn English with Anna. 

UN: This Summer Has Been the Hottest on Record

India Removes the Poor to Prepare for G20 Gathering

Chinese Companies Launch Government-approved Chatbots

Lesson 1: Welcome!
Lesson 9: Is It Cold? https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/lets-learn-english-lesson-9-is-it-cold/3261789.html


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