No university for Afghan women: BBC News Review

No university for Afghan women: BBC News Review สาธารณะ

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A crime against humanity. Thats how a UN expert has described the Talibans ban on female education in Afghanistan. Neil and Sian talk about the language used in the headlines around this story.

(Images: Getty/Wakil Kohsar, AFP/Atif Aryan, AFP/Mohsen Karimi, Andalou Agency/Bilal Guler, AFP/Fabrice Coffrini)

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Key words and phrases:

*Saul was barred from the shop because he stole a bar of chocolate.
*We will bar anyone who abuses our staff.

✔️trickle back
gradually return

*The children trickled back into the classroom after their lunch break.
*The election results are trickling in but the full result won’t be known until the morning.

✔️playing with
not treating something seriously

*He was disappointed that his boss was playing with his career.
*I dont like it when she plays with my feelings.

0:00 - Introduction
0:21 - Story
1:06 - Headline 1: Exclusive: Afghanistan universities reopen but women still barred by Taliban - Al Jazeera
2:26 - Headline 2: Men Trickle Back To Afghan Universities After Winter Break, Women Remain Barred By Taliban - Republic World
3:50 - Headline 3: Banning womens education in Afghanistan is playing with future of nation - Press TV
5:05 - Language summary

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